Quilt Progress Report

I started these quilts for Katie and Lulu pre-deployment, pre-major cross country move and pre-major house problems. Part of taking back my life is getting back to the people and things that are important to me. I've designated Sundays, at least to start, at recovering and completing these projects. As time moves on I hope to not have to designate a specific day! Anyway for today I completed the squares for Katie and Lulu's wall quilts (long overdue - so sorry guys, I never should have let ANYTHING get in the way). Tomorrow I'm picking up the batting and backing so I can complete these next Sunday.

Blue Gold Vein for Katie

Red Gold Vein for Lulu

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Lisa said...

Love the quilt! I have just come out from my sewing room. Finally quilting a quilt top that was started 2005! My arms ache!

forgetfulone said...

ooooo! I love them! The blue is adorable, and the red is so vibrant. I've been wanting to see some of your quilting, and here it is.

The Woman said...

that's going to be so pretty. I need to take up quilting. I have seen some really pretty ones and always wished I knew how