Tag ~ You're it!

Shannon and Siteseer and Heather tagged me for this.
Randomness about Me
1. Red & Yellow parrot tulips are one of my favorite flowers.
2. Purple is my favorite color.
3. I have a Bachelors Degree with 2 minors.
4. I color code most things (like lists and such)
5. I'm not a bird person.
6. I love candles.
7. I am a grandmother (by marriage).

I'm choosing to tag everyone who so chooses since I have overwhelmed so many friends with tags recently!
final blog signature.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

Candles are one of my favorite things too.

Heather said...

good variety of facts!

Renee said...

Nice getting to know you better! Your Thankful list is great!

Martha said...

I saw this one - glad I didn't tag you again!
Hope you have a great weekend! :-)