Monday Musings

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Don't waste time looking back-remember that sometimes it's the fork in the road that leads to the most spectacular view.
~Deborah Blyth

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storyteller said...

Wonderful reminder for all of us. As I'm typing this reply it's 11:55am on SUNDAY here in Southern California, so all of a sudden I'm wondering where you live. The Blogosphere certainly turns 'reality' upside down from time to time ... and I'm reminded of how last year very early (in the wee hours) on Christmas morning I received an email from a 'bloggy buddy' in Europe writing about HER date late Christmas night ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Queen-Size funny bone said...

okay, I get it but should I go left or right?

Barbara said...

Most of our views around here are all the same ;) but I get and love the sentiment

Shannon H. said...

I just have to decide which side of the fork to take LOL

Kiy said...

Great quote, and very true. Interesting how seemingly small decisions can change a life.

Cheers, Kiy