Friday Fill-Ins

Hosted by Janet
1. The world is becoming a smaller place with the internet.

2. Such as was the last thing I said.

3. I wonder when this economy is going to straighten out.

4. Peace is at the end of all things.

5. There's something to be said for Prayer.

6. Eutopia is where I want to be. LOL

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to relaxing with hubby, tomorrow my plans include cleaning and finishing the de-decorating and Sunday, I want to watch play off games!
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Shannon H. said...

Where is this eutopia you speak of? hehe I say "such as" a lot.

Janet said...

Hey, Tamy, I like that graphic! Did you make it? If so, can I put in on the FFI site? Thank you for playing, Happy New Year and have fun this weekend :-)

~TAMY 3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

Wish I could give you specific directions - it's kinda like the journey to the center of the earth - I'll know it when I find it and won't stop until I do! LOL

jenjen said...

Sounds like good plans for the weekend! I, too, am going to try to tackle the de-decorating!

Have a happy weekend!


Jerralea said...

I suppose de-decorating means taking down the Christmas decorations? I love that word! I was luciky this year, hubby already did it for me!

I also like your #1 - gotta love the internet!

Monica said...

Isn't #1 the truth! I enjoyed reading your answers and did this myself. I'll be watching for it again. Have a great weekend and enjoy the game.