The Someday Syndrome

Have you ever heard of the Someday Syndrome? Alex Fayle has a blog by this name and refers to it as the “somedays” that hold us back from living our best life. I've been feeling a bit lost lately with all there is to do. I ran across this post over at I'm an Organizing Junkie and was immediately aware that I'm not alone feeling this way. I'm just beginning to explore the Someday Syndrome, but am hoping to cure my blase' feeling soon.

The someday syndromes are:

Someday My Ship Will Come In

Waiting for, instead of pursuing, your dreams. I know I should be more ardent in the search of my dreams, but everyday life takes precedence way too often lately and I hope to find a way to spend more time actively pursuing my dreams while better managing everyday life.

I’ll Get Around To It Someday
Wasting your life with navel-gazing and other procrastination games. Now I don't procrastinate. My problem is being over extended and needing 48 hour days. So I need to eliminate some of that over extension.

I Might Need It Someday
Filling your life with stuff instead of achievements. This I am guilty of. I hate to throw out or even donate something I may ever need. I'm not a pack rat, but I do selectively keep things I should probably eliminate. A goal to work on this year!

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Joyce said...

Hi, Tamy,
I think that if we do an excellent job, right now, right where we're at, that IS one way of preparing us for more.

It seems to me that you are quite busy, trying to do your best now. Does that make any sense?

jenjen said...

Tamy --

I have to say I'm guilty of thinking like that. Thanks for your post. It really puts things in perspective.

Also, thanks for all of your recipes. They all sound wonderful!

Have a great day!


Wanda said...

WOW...this is profound! I have to go check this out.

I do have the someday syndrome.....on occasion.

Terrible way to live.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

All the information ius right on the money. Not to implement the info.

Sandra said...

What an awesome post Tamy!

storyteller said...

Intriguing thoughts here ... reminds me of getting a 'round tuit' ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

forgetfulone said...

I read the original post on OrgJunkie, too. Great topic!