Wednesday Wishes

I have been working so hard on this house, that I haven't really had any "ME" time and decided to start a section just for me, Wednesday Wishes where I can showcase some dreams and desires for the little things AND the big ones too! This week I've been wishing for:

Bridge Creek Blossoms Quilt Pattern The least expensive of my choices, at least initially!

Pampered Chef Accent Decorator Probably the only tool from Papmered Chef that I don't have.

Harrison Garden Quilt for Amber's Room With the way the windows face east, the morning sun will make this quilt sparkle.


Heather said...

very nice! i love the Harrison Garden Quilt. that would look perfect on my bed, lol!

Janet said...

i love that table!!!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

may a wish come true just for you.