Is Spring really around the corner? Or is this going to be another bad April Fool's Joke?

Sadly this morning I could see grass, albeit brown grass, but grass none the less, now this is what I see yet again. Will Spring ever arrive?
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Lori said...

Wow, you'd never see that here in Southern Cal. Great shot...I hope you bundled up! Happy WW:)

stan said...

eeks. Tt looks awefully cold.

jenjen said...

Ha - you are funny Tamy. I agree!!! It has been snowing here for two weeks!



jams o donnell said...

Cold! THat is not a sight we get to see in London at this time of year. This year was the first year that we got any significant snow in nearly 20 years. Happy WW

shweetpotato said...

ughh I feel ya, its snowing here today in Utah too, ick.. Its so dreary I am ready for SPRING :D Carm