House Update - Chronicles of a Nightmare - Formal Dining/Parlor to Studio/Office Part 10

This is the realtor picture from before we bought the house.

This is the picture from when we first moved in.

The sheers were sun rotted so I replaced those and added blinds so that I could have a bit more privacy from the neighbors. The wall paper was really pretty, but quite old and worn. It was an embossed, almost flocked type of pattern. I didn't feel like stripping it though so tried painting it. Painting it worked great and gave it a new life, new finish and made my life just a bit easier. In the picture below you can see the difference if you look close.

Then I painted the wall below the chair rail to match the living room for a bit of color.

When we were forced to remodel the kitchen in this old house we expanded into the sun porch, giving us LOTS of room for a big kitchen table so we turned our formal dining room and attached parlor into my studio/crafts/office and it quickly became the most used room(s) in the house! The ceiling had a bad repair seam in the drywall and we're just finishing the patterned ceiling tiles this week. Look for the updated, finished pictures of this room soon!
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Joyce said...

Is your office the locale for all your blogging? If so, I can well imagine that it gets lots of use, Tamy!