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Give Me Five random things you've never done before.
I've never:
1) ridden in a hot air balloon.
2) white water rafted
3) been to Europe
4) been on a safari
5) been on a sleigh ride
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BeccaGirl said...

Oh Tamy!!! Next time it snows anywhere remotely near you, you must get yourself a trashbag or a taboggan or something and go down a hill on your butt! It's so fun!!! Dangerous cause there's no brakes, but fun!

I've always dreamed of going up in a hot air balloon. As a matter of fact, I happen to think it's the perfect setting to be proposed to :) Thanks for playing GM5!!

Joyce said...

Good Morning, Tamy,
I've never done any of your five, either!

Lucy said...

i'm with you on the first 4..
sleigh riding... such fun..
try that one first! xo

Kailani said...

I've done any of those things, too. The sleigh ride would be fun!

alwaysbcmom.com said...

I haven't done any of those either, but I would like to!

Leslie said...

I LOVE this!! I'd like to do this writing concept with my class. :)

forgetfulone said...

I would love to do all those things! I didn't realize you played GM5.