One last walk before the storm...

Remember the road we tried to take a walk on yesterday that the bull charged the dogs? Well we decided today to try and find it the back way without the dogs before the rain began. See this cow? She started it all by rubbing on the barb wire in the back yard. So, I blame her for piquing my curiosity. I was going to only follow her a little ways...

See that tree up there? We're living 2 houses to the right. I'm on the other side of the bank near a rope swing that hasn't been used in many years due to the drought. The lake is only at 48%, but that's up considerably since the rain began this season. It was at 16 % just 6 weeks ago, so there is hope for the summer season yet. It is POURING as I write this.

This is the tree house next door, but they never use it!

The cows were much more receptive today and so were the bulls!

Many docks ended up on dry land for years because of the drought. I don't think this one will be floating, water or no water, any time soon.

I came off a rise and literally almost walked into this poor deer!

Here's another tree house, but not nearly as well kept!

The top of the road from yesterday!

Different day - different dog - same fence!

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Martha's Menagerie said...

I love how the cows are all in couples today! :-)

jenjen said...

Beautiful pictures Tamy! What a nice, green walk. So weird about that dock being in the middle of a field now.


~3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

It was an awesome day and we timed it just right - the first rain drops fell 5 minutes after we walked in the house!

Forgetfulone said...

Beautiful photos! The last one looks like an elephant shape in the tree! I really like the bull and cows.

Joyce said...

That was a lovely description of your walk, Tamy! I especially like the last photo, of the tree.