I just needed to get out for awhile today and was really hoping to run across one of those roadside vendors for some fresh strawberries. I didn't run across any strawberries, but did find a couple of interesting cemeteries.

When I ran across this first cemetery, I expected to find that it was quite old. While it was quite old, it also had several recent burials. I just don't know what my draw is towards cemeteries, but I find them fascinating.

This next cemetery I ran across was also quite old, but with recent burials. What really surprised me was to find that it was sooooooooooooooooooo overgrown!

Now the only thing buried here besides these bulbs might be a pet or two, but the flowers are loving it. I just love irises!

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Queen-Size funny bone said...

loved these photos. get out more often. lol

Janet said...

I love cemeteries and iris, too :-) Beautiful shots.

Carolyn Ford said...

These are definitely beautiful iris blooms!

Martha said...

Beautiful flowers! Thanks for adding these for color carnival :-)

Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

Beautiful irises.

Interesting cemeteries, too. You know, there are websites for people to upload their gravesite/cemetery photos. It helps people trace their genealogy -- especially useful for descendants who have moved far away from the area.

Linda :) said...

I find cemeteries fascinating too... such pretty Iris, I have purple and yellow ones blooming.... :)