There's a Bedroom Makeover Contest going on over at THE Motivation Station.  The makeover doesn't have to be drastic, just something to make you feel better.  For me, it couldn't be drastic as I'm in a temporary room while helping relatives with an elder care situation.  But, my bedroom at room NEEDS a REAL makeover when I get back.
With the help of CSN stores I was able to create a temporary haven for after those stressful days!  But that doesn't mean I'm not anxious to get back and do a REAL makeover on my room!
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My Little Space said...

Tamy, regarding the bread round up... do we send you the link or you will have the link publish for us to do it?

Martha (MM) said...

Great make over Tamy - does CSN rock or what!! I must say I miss the kitties in the makeover shot ;-)

Sandra said...

That is awesome Tamy, the room looks so comfy and inviting :)

My Little Space said...

Tammy, I have an award for you. Please feel free to hop over to collect it. Thanks! Have a nice day.