Valentine's Sweet Goodness

I recently participated in a Sweet Goodness Swap for Valentines Day.  Their swaps are always so much fun.  I made Michelle a bracelet with some of her favorite things; like inspirational charms, crowns and beads.   As many of you know I just underwent surgery for ovarian cancer and so I used the turquoise colored beads in her bracelet to signify the search for a cure as a turquoise ribbon represents ovarian cancer.  In the past Sweet Goodness Swaps there have usually been thrifted items as well as the hand made so I found this cute little bear baker figurine and quilted heart magnet for her bag also. I was hoping to receive hers to me so I could run these posts at the same time, but I've yet to receive mine so decided to run them separately.


Forgetfulone said...

How adorable! I don't know how you had time for a swap with everything going on, but I'm glad you did. They're fun. Hope yours arrives soon.

~3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

I joined it just days before my diagnosis so thought it would be a good distraction and then hubby mailed it the day before surgery for me. It really did help.