ffi we go!

1. Wake up little Suzie.
2. Remember all the fun we had!

3. Every picture tells a story.
4. It's a little too quiet.
5. Stay with the program.
6. Confusing in a thousand ways.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to staying warm and watching some TV with hubby, tomorrow my plans include Football Playoffs and Sunday, I want to sort some more VA crap!


Unknown said...

I came to your blog through Friday Fill~Ins, I love your fill in for every picture (because it is true)and now I am looking forward to catching up on your Flashback Fridays....LOVE IT!!

Anonymous said...

Liked your 'baggage' photo. And I quite agree with 'confusing' in a thousand ways!

The Liebers said...

My dad used to sing me "Wake Up Little Suzie" all the time as a kid. Thanks for the memory jog!!