I found this over at a friend's blog, Martha at Seaside Simplicity.  She inspired the topic for today's Round Robin Photo Challenge for Saturday, January 26th - Long Ago, Far Away - so I' decided to join the fun.

Here is your chance to get all nostalgic, photographically! Maybe it's a photo you took with your first, cheap camera when you were 12 years old. Maybe it's a photo you just took of a person, place or thing from your childhood. Maybe it's something from longer ago or farther away than that: a castle or cathedral you photographed on a trip overseas, a dinosaur skeleton, or a distant constellation of stars, the light from which has taken years to reach us. If it was long ago or far away or both, it counts! All I ask is that it be a photo you took yourself, whether it was 40 years ago or five minutes ago.
Happy times!  This is my aunt who recently passed with me and her daughter Jenn at one of our favorite places, Galveston Island.  All our lives Jenn and I would go down there and collect shells off the beach.  It isn't that easy these days with the weird growth along the shore line, but back then we walk on the sea wall, collect shells from the water's edge and just basque in the winter water. You can't see it in this pictures, but we're barefoot LOL I'm holding my socks. I also still have every shell that I keep in a crystal bowl. Sharon had Parkinsons disease. Her mobility continued to go downhill from here so this is the last picture I have of us having fun. Thank goodness for tripods and timers so we could all be in the picture together.


Martha said...

Great photo and it's nice that you have good times to remember Sharon by.
Don't forget to link this one up at Flashback Friday too :)

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Hi, and welcome to the Robins! I love the picture. So much joy and expression, not just on your faces but in the body language. Good stuff!

Jama said...

It's nice to have a photo as a reminder of a happy time, love that waves!

Anonymous said...

The photo tells a story. a great reminder of the happy time.
thanks for sharing.

Carly said...

Hi :)

Aww, happy memories are the best, especially on a cold winter day! Lovely photo, and lovely story to share as well!

betty said...

So sorry about your aunt with her passing, but what wonderful memories it must bring up when you look at this picture of the three of you!


Unknown said...

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