ASKING FOR A LITTLE HELP & paying it forward

Day to day life gets in the way sometimes of our dreams and plans.  That's exactly what happened to my beautiful niece and her family. What's the old saying? Man plans and God laughs.

Kori, 7 months pregnant, toddler in tow left Oregon to visit with her mother and family in southern California for a short visit before baby was scheduled to arrive mid June.  

Fate is a cruel mistress.  Kori went into labor 2 months early with a breech birth and needed emergency surgery.  Justin rushed down from Oregon and is now taking care of the toddler too, but can't be in two places at once to work.  

Mom and Alaina Rose are doing fine, but baby needs to stay in the hospital a few more weeks and mom is recovering from surgery. The situation has eaten up their savings.  A web page, Werner 911,  has been set up to help them get their family back home and anything would help.  They will PAY THIS FORWARD when they can.

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