Give Me 5 favorite Breakfast Foods

Breakfast around here is reserved for weekends, but I like:
  1. Swedish Pancakes with Lingonberries
  2. Toasted French Toast
  3. Oven Poached Eggs aka Shirred Eggs
  4. Individual Oven Omeletes
  5. White Cheddar Biscuits & Sausage Gravy
and the ever faithful:
Honey Nut Cheerios with fresh Banana slices or Sourdough Toast for weekdays.
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Vamp said...

Hi Tamy
Thanks for dropping by my blog :-)
We seem to have some stuff in common so I have a feeling I'll be dropping by yours quite a bit.

Joyce said...

Wow, Tamy. Awesome list. You are a gourmet breakfast gal. :)

Shannon H. said...

Mmmm all this talk of food has made me hungry!!! I can't wait for lunch :)

BeccaGirl said...

What in the world are Lingonberries??? They sound divine :p
Great list, I love that someone likes cereal too, it's an old time favorite from childhood, I think, for most people. Great list!!! All this great breakfast food makes me want to get up early and treat myself to something warm and delicious tomorrow! LOL

Dawn said...

I want to try those White Cheddar Biscuits. They sound yummy! :-)

Tammy said...

I had french toast on my list too!

Anna said...

These all sound great. I did weekend breakfasts, too.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I love sausage gravy!

forgetfulone said...

MMM. Oven omelettes. I wasn't online Monday to participate, but I am trying to catch up with a few things now.